The Problem

Auto lenders are traditionally held captive by outdated and inflexible legacy loan origination systems. Recent post-recession industry growth is punctuating the problem as new lenders create increased demand for a flexible, affordable and easy-to-implement loan origination solution.

The Solution

defi SOLUTIONS offers lenders the ability to respond quickly and adapt their auto lending programs using flexible and current technology. Our hosted, browser-based loan origination software gives you the ability to focus on lending while we handle the technology aspects of the business.


Why Defi?

Top 10 Reasons to Choose defi SOLUTIONS Loan Origination Software:

Proven Results

All defi SOLUTIONS customers experience cost efficiencies through a quick implementation and the ability to instantly make changes with our simple to use configuration. Additionally, because of the ease and speed of the system, our customers gain operational efficiencies by letting the decision engine do the work while they focus on their business.

Industry Experience

With 20+ years creating and leading risk-based technology solutions, Stephanie Alsbrooks, Founder and CEO of defi SOLUTIONS, was determined to create an option for auto lenders of all sizes and complexity that doesn’t require a fleet of programmers to manage and deploy.

Affordable State-of-the-Art Technology

defi SOLUTIONS meets the complex requirements of large lending institutions and is also quick to deploy, scalable and affordable for the small to mid-sized auto finance lender. Our web-based loan origination solution means instant deployment and having everything you need through our simple intuitive configuration screens to grow your business.

Increased Response to Market Changes

System advantages include flexibility via configurable data elements. This allows authorized admin users the ability to instantly make changes to rules within the loan origination system. Our customers can respond to market changes immediately vs. waiting on costly developers and vendor schedules.

Rapid Implementation

defi SOLUTIONS online system can be deployed in weeks or months not years. Our team is available to complete the process, provide training and get you up and running quickly. We move as fast as needed – you control the timeline. No more waiting on your vendor.

Simplified Configuration and Scalability

defi SOLUTIONS users can update settings such as rules and scorecards in seconds. The auto lending system has been created to allow quick customization of drop down menus, display fields and accessibility. Features and configurations needed for your business growth are already in place to give you the flexibility to scale the system with increased demand.

Direct Access to Live Support

Our experienced technical support team is available to respond to customer issues via phone or online support portal. Our support technicians are all onshore senior developers that manage code.

Convenient Mobile Application

The defi SOLUTIONS mobile application frees lender sales representatives from laptops by providing access to loan approval status, requests, decisions and other loan specifics.

Seamless Third-Party Data Integration

Our browser-based SaaS loan origination software can quickly and easily integrate with any third party data provider necessary to your decisioning and funding process. Examples include: Dealertrack technologies, RouteOne, TransUnion, Equifax, LexisNexis, ID Analytics, NADA, KBB, Black Book and more.

Forward Thinking

defi SOLUTIONS spends approximately 50% of development and QA efforts on system enhancements, 25% keeping up with technology, and 25% on strategic initiatives. defi SOLUTIONS resources are consistently dedicated to new advances rather than focusing all of our time on tactical work. defi continuously releases new features and enhancements in our browser-based auto lending software to the entire customer base as a part of our service that other vendors would charge for.

What Clients are Saying:

“The more I use the system the more it amazes me all we are able to do!”

“I had less than five minutes of training and I’m using the system with no issues.”

“We had a meeting and completely revamped how we wanted to do our scorecard. I had it tested and implemented in production in under an hour. Everyone was shocked!”

“I am in love with the system! This is the best system ever! In my whole career my biggest complaint from an operations perspective has always been the system. You nailed it!”

“Out of the park success on this ‘go live’. The initial launch was successful but the follow up is what sealed the deal. I have been through similar go lives several times in my career and I have never had one as seamless as this one has been!”

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