What does the defi SOLUTIONS LOS include?

The defi SOLUTIONS LOS includes everything from app entry to booking/funding and the ability to configure all of your rules and processes on demand.

CONFIGURATION: The easy-to-use configuration screens enable you to set up everything from adverse action reasons and auto decisioning rules to all the verification questions your reps should ask.

ENTRY: Applications enter the defi SOLUTIONS LOS through various sources, including Dealertrack, RouteOne, manual entry, more.

DECISIONING: Every application passes first through your automated decisioning logic, running any rules you have set up to auto decision the application or to provide data back to the underwriter to manual decision the deal.

UNDERWRITING: Attractive, user-friendly screens allow underwriters to decision applications accurately and quickly.

THIRD-PARTY INTEGRATION: Easily integrates with various third-parties that you want to use in the decisioning process.

FUNDING/VERIFICATIONS: A streamlined verifications process controlled by you. The funding process, just like the underwriting process, is tied to the platform’s sophisticated decision engine. No deal will fund until all verifications have been properly completed.

How is the defi SOLUTIONS LOS different from other LOS products on the market?

defi SOLUTIONS LOS doesn’t make you choose between short-term and long-term goals.
In the short-term, the fully web-based solution gets you up and running quickly.
In the long-term, responding to market changes is easy because you already have everything you need at your fingertips.
The simple and intuitive configuration screens allow for easy set up. You don’t need to be tech savvy.
You can add as many scorecards as you want and make updates quickly and painlessly.

Want to offer a special program? Change pricing? Vary pricing by dealer? You can do it all yourself with ease.

defi SOLUTIONS LOS is configurable to the max! Unlike the other guys, we’d rather you control your system than ask us for lengthy customizations and changes. Funding/verifications are incredibly unique. You don’t have to rely on big bulky training manuals or waste time on manual processes. The streamlined funding process will improve your operations, auditing and risk management.

Does defi SOLUTIONS LOS support 100% auto decisioning?

You can auto-decision as many or as few apps as you’d like, just make the changes to your configuration pages. Want to auto-decision based on non-standard criteria, like the year of the car or the income of the applicant? No problem. Any characteristic in your database can be the basis for your criteria!

Can my reps in the field access the defi SOLUTIONS LOS platform?

Yes! The defi SOLUTIONS LOS includes a mobile app that enables your reps to see where deals stand, follow up on deals, check dealers’ performance measures and more!

Is the defi SOLUTIONS LOS auto-specific?

We started as 100% focused on auto originations but built the system to be fully configurable so other types of lenders are now using defi to automate underwriting and funding activities.

What does the defi SOLUTIONS LOS cost?

We provide upfront pricing based on your needs, including set up, training and help and support. The simpler your rules, the easier and quicker your set up. Ongoing pricing is volume-based.

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