6112_dsl_analytics_blog_image3With defi ANALYTICS, we are, once again, putting power into the hands of lenders. defi ANALYTICS does for decision making what the revolutionary defi SOLUTIONS LOS does for loan originations. Through actionable insights gathered via the collection, analysis, and reporting of your data, you can make impactful decisions that transform the way you do business.


NOW AVAILABLE! Run a Lost Sales Analysis to learn how to structure deals more competitively and increase your capture rate.


The economy-driven, customer-reactive, highly-competitive nature of auto lending presents lenders of all sizes with some really big questions. How do I make the most of an up market? How do I stay ahead of a downturn? How do I reduce costs and increase, or at the very least, maintain profitability?

With defi ANALYTICS, the critical insights that help answer those questions can be at your fingertips. You will be able to configure reporting and perform high-caliber data analysis across your entire organization—capabilities that were the exclusive domain of larger lenders. Until now.


defi ANALYTICS is a major expansion of the defi LOS platform. The system works hand-in-hand with our extensive partner network of data and service providers. defi ANALYTICS provides a full-service solution that arms lenders with the insights they need to successfully manage and grow their portfolios in a dynamic marketplace.


Here’s a look at what defi ANALYTICS includes:

Configurable Reporting

Keep your finger on the pulse of critical aspects of loan originations.

  • check-304167_640-copy Easily drill down to analyze the data behind any report
  • check-304167_640-copyUtilize pre-loaded reports as they are
  • check-304167_640-copyModify them as you see fit
  • check-304167_640-copyAsk us to customize the reports for you

Special Programs

Need more specialized insights on specific area of your business? Our Special Programs help you customize to achieve your goals.

  • check-304167_640-copyRun a Lost Sales Analysis
  • check-304167_640-copyBuild Custom Scorecards  (Coming Soon)
  • check-304167_640-copyEstablish Benchmarking, and more  (Coming Soon)

Custom Consulting

Lenders of all sizes can now benefit from the strategic solutions and industry knowledge of a chief risk officer. Our personalized Custom Consulting services are offered via our partnership with consulting firm Integrated Fintech.

  • check-304167_640-copyTap into the experience of auto finance veterans before making your next move
  • check-304167_640-copyGain insight at an affordable price. (From risk management, modeling, marketing analysis & more)

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