Done in an hour’s time.

Eliminate document shipping, get funded faster. From signature to sale, improve customer satisfaction and smooth stress points. Pave your own application approval autobahn.

No more duplicating documents before shipping them to lenders. Simply scan them and digitally send them off.

Lenders no longer wait days for documents to arrive. Information auto-populates before hitting their inbox in hours.

Whether buying, selling, lending or funding, faster means better. And better processes and streamlined service make for improved customer satisfaction.


  • defi DIGITAL is the only tool you need to simplify your process for transferring and receiving loan documents.
  • Dealers send defi lenders their loan documents via a secured scanner. The end-to-end process meets UCC9-105 requirements.
  • Lenders receive the documents within hours, instead of waiting days for shipping.
  • No more manual entry of contract information is required. defi DIGITAL takes care of that for you.
  • No copying, printing or shipping is required. No shipping costs to incur. Documents are received more quickly.
  • Dealers and lenders receive electronic copies of all loan documents, and document are electronically vaulted for secure access in the future.