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defi EXCHANGE is the only web-based auto loan portfolio marketplace with complete evaluation and processing provided by a loan origination system. defi EXCHANGE provides sellers with direct access to multiple lenders and a variety of programs for purchasing.

  • 1. Import your portfolio data
  • 2. Complete questionnaire about loans
  • 3. Post your notes in the marketplace
  • 4. Compare offers from multiple lenders
  • 5. Select offer that best meets your needs
  • 6. Negotiate final terms
  • 7. Complete due diligence
  • 8. Proceed to closing
  • 9. Get paid


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zero obligations
for sellers

saves time searching
for portfolio

multiple lenders
compete to purchase
your portfolio

improved buying
efficiency for

instant access to
available portfolios
for buyers

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It's Your Journey.

You Choose How to Enjoy It.

welcome, sellers.

Selling an auto loan portfolio? Don’t sell yourself short. The defi EXCHANGE portal puts your portfolio in front of multiple lenders – all at once

More banks for your bulk

Initiate deals and monitor bids from a single website

Compare offers from multiple lenders

Select the deal the meets your needs

Negotiate, do diligence, close and get paid


Expanding your reach? You’ve reached your destination. defi EXCHANGE lets you increase your access to auto loan portfolios without increasing acquisition costs.

More bulks for your bank

Grow Your Business, Not Your Costs.

Immediate access to portfolios for sale

Complements your existing processes

Access new markets without expansion expenses

thank you, agents.

Meeting with multiple dealerships each day? Do they finance in-house or buy-here-pay-here? Don’t change what you do. defi EXCHANGE your dollars.

More bang for your business

Another weapon in your arsenal of product offerings

Access multiple lenders for purchasing

Track all your portfolios from one website

Create a monthly income stream from current clients

Bulk Purchase Program

  • A Minimum of 10 Loans Is Preferred
  • At Least 60 Days Aging Is Preferred
  • No Year, Make, Model or Mileage Restrictions
  • No Remaining Term Restrictions (shorter terms are better)
  • Loans Must Be No More Than 20 Days Past Due at Time of Data Export
  • Monthly, Semi-Monthly, and Bi-Weekly Payment Frequencies Accepted

Payment Interval / Stream Strip Purchase

  • Get the Cash Injection You Need Without Giving Up Ownership of Your Auto Loan Portfolio!
  • No Aging Requirements
  • Higher Advance Percentages
  • 3, 6, 9, and 12 Month Program Advances
  • Retain Back-End Contract Ownership
  • All Payment Frequencies Accepted


defi EXCHANGE provides a secure online platform allowing users to share information and transact business. All users (Buyers, Sellers, Independent Agents) are pre-screened and pre-qualified before being approved and granted access. While we do provide buyers with access to information about prospective sellers we do not share any information that could identify any specific customer on any loan within the portfolio. All necessary data required to price the portfolio and make an offer will be made available.

Sellers pay nothing. At closing, buyers pay a fee based on the principal amount of the final purchase.

defi EXCHANGE does not have any requirements, but many lenders will only make offers on portfolios that meet the following criteria:

  • Buyers prefer at least 10 accounts within the bulk portfolio, but there is no minimum number of accounts
  • Accounts must at least 30 days old (must have made at least 1 month of regularly scheduled payments excluding pick-up payments)
  • No accounts more than 20 days past due at time of export
  • There must be fewer than 36 months remaining term on each account

There is no obligation to sell your receivables to any of the lenders that provide an offer unless you accept an offer and agree to terms associated with that offer.

Submitting your bulk and tracking your offers can be both time consuming and cumbersome, while absorbing valuable time you could be spending on growing and running your business. With defi EXCHANGE you submit your portfolio once and multiple lenders are alerted and all your offers are returned to one place making it far more efficient for you to manage the process. Ultimately, this allows you to spend your time on what really matters: growing your business.

Each lender has their own methods, pricing strategies, processes and due diligence but most typically price bulk portfolios based on a variety of factors such as:

  • Balance in relation to current wholesale value
  • Remaining term and aging of the loan
  • Payment history / Delinquency history
  • Underwriting parameters initially used to approve loan
  • Year, Mileage, and Collateral type securing contract
  • GPS or Starter Interrupt Devices are included
  • How long seller has been in business
  • Why seller is looking to sel
  • If seller has sold previously

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