Kartheek Veeravalli

Chief Product Officer

Kartheek is an avid sports fan. The Dallas Cowboys, Real Madrid FC, tennis, boxing. If winning is on the line, Kartheek wants to be a part of it. His drive serves him well as chief product officer for defi SOLUTIONS. He’s a quarterback, of sorts, leading the charge to provide the number one Loan Origination System (LOS) in the industry. He has more than a decade of experience building decision management platforms and managing risk portfolios, and he knows how to read the field like a pro and hone in on what lenders need. The result is an LOS that gives lenders a competitive advantage and the tools to reach their goals.

• 10+ years developing decision management platforms and managing risk portfolios
• Specialties include decision management solutions, risk-scoring models, installment and line-of-credit products, decision simulation, predictive analytics, customer acquisition, account management, revenue/loss forecasting, fraud architecture, and banking, auto insurance, auto finance, healthcare industries
• Educated at the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

(Based on Gallup’s online assessment StrengthsFinders)
• Competition
• Ideation
• Context
• Significance
• Strategic

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