Auto Originations Anytime, Anywhere with Account Connect

Borrowers expect to get the financing they need for their vehicle fast and when it’s convenient for them, no matter if it’s the weekend, after hours, or even in the middle of the night. Now borrowers can secure financing no matter when they’re searching or shopping for a vehicle with Account Connect from Sagent Lending Technologies.


Go from shopping to application to approval all in a matter of minutes with the following features:

  • Presents the borrower with available financing programs, rates, and program parameters in real-time
  • Supports borrower pre-qualification
  • Integrated fraud management tools ensure that applicants represent themselves truthfully
  • Flexible modules tailor the borrower experience to the unique processes you have in place
  • Automation minimizes the cost to verify borrower identity and return credit decisions
  • Completely white labeled and easy to use
  • Optimized for on-the-go loan originations from any mobile device

Make it easy to apply for an auto loan with Account Connect:

  • Contextual help / guidance
  • Multilingual settings
  • ADA accessibility
  • Various messaging options
  • Seamless and secure login
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