Client Success for CIG Financial means the ability to do business the way they want to do business. Watch the video. Or read what Walter Diaz with CIG Financial has to say about the defi SOLUTIONS Loan Origination System.

“On the defi system, not every customer has to do things the defi way. In other systems, you have to adapt to their system and they tell you how to do business. That’s the main thing that we like about defi. You do business the way you like to do business.”
– Walter Diaz

Interview with Walter Diaz
Project Manager
CIG Financial
defi Client Since 2013

Back in the day we used to get faxes and then when we we would get the faxes we would load them in the system, and then the system was pretty basic. It would only pull a credit report and we would have to make a decision based on paper.

So after that we moved to another company. We were there for like, probably, 3 or 4 years. The issue we faced over there is every time there was something in the system that was preventing us from doing some business, some rules or some stuff that we wanted to change, we would tell them “Hey, I am not able to do this specific thing in the system, can I do it?” and they say, “No this is the system, this is what you get, and you have to adapt to what we gave you.”

So we reached out to a company in Canada. It was a process of a year working with them trying to get the system to work. We were live for two days. After two days we have to tell them I’m sorry but we have to switch back to the old system.

And then defi and Stephanie came over and she showed us the system. And we were asking questions and she said, “Well you want to do that, you do it yourself.” And so we were like, okay….? And then okay now what if we want to do this other stuff.

“Oh yeah sure, you do it yourself.”

So everybody was not sure if she was just saying “Okay, yeah, you can do this” because, you know, “I want you to buy my product” or if it was actually true. Because from our experience it’s not possible to have a system where you do whatever you want.

So she said, “Okay, we will give you a test environment and then you can go and test and you will see.”

So she gave me access to the system. I worked on the system for a few days. I see how the system works, I got an idea, and I went back them and told them she’s not lying.

I modified the whole way that defi originally designed to do funding. I do it in a different way, but that’s the good thing on defi. I can do it the way that CIG, my company, needs.

I know every company does things a different way they don’t have to do it in the defi way, which in other systems, you have to adapt to their system and they tell you how to do the business.

So that’s the main thing that we like on defi.

You do the business how you like it.

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