Client Success for Elite Acceptance Corp means having technology behind you letting you operate consistently and evolve as quickly as the industry. Watch the video. Or read what Steve Christensen with Elite Acceptance has to say about the defi SOLUTIONS Loan Origination System.


def lender Elite Acceptance Corp

“This industry is changing so quickly and I needed to be able to evolve as quickly as the industry and as our business. Seeing that we can do that with defi is pretty inspiring, it’s exciting.”
– Steve Christensen

Steve Christensen
VP Consumer Lending
Elite Acceptance Corp.
defi Client Since 2016

So what defi brings, I think, for us, is just consistency. To have our credit officers, our field buyers — which is what they are, they’re both reps and buyers in the field — is an important thing for us, and I want to have them operate consistently so they can go into any dealer and provide similar responses to what other credit officers are doing. Otherwise the dealer’s obviously not satisfied with the results they’re getting from us.

So I took some time to make the decision on defi. I don’t really want to commit to something like that unless I know it’s going to work

I think the key is to have technology behind you at whatever level you have and the loan origination platform we had before defi really wasn’t … I mean it could be changed, but at a significant expense and a very long time frame. And that was really one of the biggest motivators for us changing.

I needed to be able to evolve as quickly as the industry is evolving, as our business model is growing. So seeing that we can do that with defi is pretty inspiring, it’s exciting.

If I need to change something I can change it right now. I don’t have to get on the phone. I don’t have to wait for somebody to call me back and tell me if it can or can’t be done and if it can be done, okay it’ll be six weeks or six months for it to be changed. That isn’t an option in this industry. If I need something changed if something’s wrong with our underwriting or scoring whatever it is we’re doing with the system, I need to be able to change it immediately. And I know we can do that.

You know, I’m a little bit in awe of what defi has brought to the table, because it is way more than I expected.

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