Client Success for Summit Financial Corp means letting technology do the heavy lifting. Watch the video. Or read what David Wheeler with Summit Financial has to say about the defi SOLUTIONS Loan Origination System.


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“In this industry, if they’re not using defi, they’re not going to survive, because it will give the edge to whoever uses it.”
– David Wheeler

David Wheeler
Vice President
Summit Financial Corp
defi Client Since 2015

May 1st 2015 we engaged defi as a blank page. June 18th 2015 we had engaged and tested, writ, fully vetted and became a fully-live production functioning company with over 800 dealers in the State of Florida, active. Which is pretty good. Forty-five days as promised.

We had a decisioning process already done, we had a flow chart drawn up, tested, seasoned, you know from years of experience. It was pretty much in our previous system, the predecessor to defi. It didn’t work as well, it was definitely not as manageable as well. We had no control over that and it was not as easy as it should have been, which was the driving force to make us switch.

I’m a firm believer in letting technology do the heavy lifting.

When I sat with these people I said here’s what I want it to do, and I said to Georgine. and I said this is what it’s going to do it right? She says guarantee you, if not I’ll come there myself and make it work. And she didn’t have to come.

I’ve known the people behind this company for a long time from their previous jobs. And they came to me when they first started and, obviously, I was not their first customer. But now that I am a customer, I always say the same thing, I want to kill myself because I should’ve done it earlier, because it’s that good. It does exactly what it says they say it’s going to do and provides you the opportunity to do exactly what you need to do.

We finance cars, we collect payment, we do all the normal stuff, but for me, from an overview, collecting of the information and being able to review that information is what contributes a lot to our longevity. And the defi system allows us to get that, because we can build it and design it and form it, sculpt it, to do and give us what we need.

In this industry if they’re not using they’re not going to survive, because it will give the edge to whoever uses it.

Anybody who doesn’t take their product is foolish.

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