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defi BOOST gets your configuration projects up and running. Get a BOOST from our professional services team, achieve results more rapidly and avoid speed traps caused by potential learning curves or internal resources assigned to other projects. Let us handle the complete project, a portion of the project, or provide the project direction and training that gets your team going.


With defi BOOST, defi can handle the complete project, a portion of the project, or provide the project direction and training that gets your team going.



Here are some things you can choose from with defi BOOST.

Auto Decisioning
Increase use of auto decisioning up to 100%. Save both time and money.
Starts at 24 hrs*

Auto Structure
Reduce decision time from 20 mins. to 1 min. Improve compliance and lower costs.
Starts at 24 hrs*

DDS Standard & Plus
Reduce time from 2 hrs. to 30 min. Improve quality and security, and lower costs.
Starts at 80 hrs*

New Business Channels
Implement new services such as CUDL and others.
Starts at 24 hrs*

Add functionality from partners such as Dealertrack, RouteOne, and other direct-to-consumer.
Starts at 60 hrs*

Build custom formulas for pricing, auto structure, adverse actions and more.
Starts at 4 hrs*

Funding Optimization
Go from paper to paperless, contract verifications, welcome calls and more.
Starts at 4 hrs*

Leverage New Features
Make sure your business is benefitting from all the latest defi features.
Starts at 4 hrs*

Carleton Docs
Reduce time to implement,  and help deliver compliant loan computations and documentation preparation.
Starts at 80 hrs*

Set up NRO, client-to-client, Dealertrack, RouteOne, flow business, passthrough business and more.
Starts at 24 hrs*

Vendor Integrations
Set up AUL, SmartCalcs, The Work Number, LexisNexis and more.
Starts at 24 hrs*


* Final estimates depend on many factors, including client’s specific needs and business model


Please send your resume to jobs@bmcu5e7oqu-staging.onrocket.site

Get defi BOOST for expert admins and rapid results.

Get defi ENHANCE for greater focus and predictable ROI.



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