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Everyone at defi SOLUTIONS has a voice that is heard and the freedom and support to make a difference. Apply today and tell us what you’d do in a position like that.


Greater Focus. Predictable ROI.

defi ENHANCE delivers your priority projects with custom development and a focus on your unique process and needs. You get individualized attention, and reach your goals more quickly, letting you achieve faster results that align with your business strategy.


With defi ENHANCE, you get individualized attention, letting you achieve faster results that align with your business strategy.



Here are some examples of enhancements added for defi Clients. 

“Missing Stips” Automation & Comment
Send missing stipulations to the dealer automatically to display in RouteOne and Dealertrack when verifications are incomplete.  A comment is created for a history view of the dealer communication.
50 development hours

Customize Unpaid Balance Calculation
Use your own calculation to customize the Unpaid Balance to meet your company’s business needs.
140 – 145 development hours

Add Collections of Data to your custom Inbound Data Sources
Add data collections to your custom Inbound Data Sources.  This allows ultimate data flexibility for use in custom data elements.  The possibilities are endless!
90 – 95 development hours

Create Hyperlinks on your applications
Create a data element with a clickable hyperlink from the result of your custom formula.  You can place on pages so the users can be directed to the correct area of the application for efficient processing.
225 development hours

* Final estimates depend on many factors, including client’s specific needs and business model


Please send your resume to jobs@bmcu5e7oqu-staging.onrocket.site

Get defi ENHANCE for greater focus and predictable ROI.

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