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loan servicing software community bank small business

One of the fastest ways to improve the quality of your customer service is to outsource a call center. 

When you outsource, you’re handing off customer queries to experts who have the skills, technology, and know-how to handle these queries efficiently.

Customer service matters so much because it is one of the fundamental aspects that can make or break your lending business. Recent research indicates that the top consideration people use to decide which business to choose from is how a company interacts with customers. In fact, the number one impact on a consumer’s level of trust with a company is customer service and 40% of consumers will tell people not to use a business after receiving poor customer service.

The best customer service providers are ones that offer better quality service, respond in a timely manner, and are dedicated to resolving customer queries. Customer service is just one of the advantages of outsourcing call center operations.

Top 3 Advantages of Outsourcing a Call Center

User’s expectations have increased drastically because of the rise in tech and automation. Prioritizing how you communicate with your customers will help you stand out from other auto lenders in a competitive industry. Let’s explore the top advantages of outsourcing a call center for auto lenders:

Access to the Latest Technology:

Outsourcing service providers consistently research and invest in the best technologies that you can take advantage of. The latest contact center technology may be too cost-prohibitive for some auto lenders, but a well-established call center outsourcing provider gives you instant access to the technologies you need to boost efficiency, improve customer service, and more.

Despite the “call center” title, the best call center outsourcing provider covers all communication channels, including:

Telephone support: AI-driven virtual assistants bring improved response times and provide customers with the information they’re looking for without a live agent.

Online: AI-powered messaging stimulates human conversation to determine the reason for the call and provides customers with the information needed by guiding them through a series of steps. This can be through web chat, emails, and texts.

When an inquiry does require agent assistance, the interactive voice response (IVR) system helps identify the caller’s intent and routes them to the appropriate agent. Detailed account information such as loan terms, payments, and a history of previous interactions automatically appears on the agent’s screen as soon as the call connects.

If partnered with a BPO like defi Solutions, you will have access to technology above and beyond telephone and online support that will include:

  • Flexible and agile cloud-based software allows you to scale and adopt modern trends quickly and easily.
  • An omni-channel solution that provides a single hub for all customer interactions enhancing the customer experience (Voice, email, chat, fax).
  • Conversational speech interfaces (Virtual Assistants) initiate or fully complete self-service customer interactions.
  • AI is a foundational component that enables key features to elevate operational efficiency.

Expert Support Staff:

Outsourcers are industry-expert service providers, and they always have qualified, highly trained support staff with white-glove service skills available. Responsibilities are handled by the provider who ensures sufficient staffing of knowledgeable lending professionals who can handle the full spectrum of customer inquiries. 

An additional benefit of outsourcing is the ability to extend support hours to include evenings, weekends, and even 24/7 if needed. Moreover, in support of an increasingly diverse population, the best providers offer multilingual support for customers whose first language is not English. That ability alone can be a powerful tool in resolving customer inquiries and building customer loyalty.

Customer service can be the defining facet of your business’ success. Approximately half of the customers stop doing business with a lender after one poor service experience. Since call centers are at the core of customer service, it is imperative to have experienced professionals on call. If you provide excellent customer service, you’ll retain your customers, boost your reputation, and potentially attain your competitors’ customers as well.

A well-trained, outsourced customer service team makes your business the best version of itself. Their ability to communicate directly with customers has the power to transform your company. For example, defi SOLUTIONS’ representatives utilize a proprietary communication model, with solutions designed for: 

  • Needs Assessment
  • Building Rapport 
  • Empathy & Personalization
  • Problem Solving
  • Resolution

Analytics Enable More Informed Decision Making:

Seasoned lending professionals with innovative technologies provide a solid foundation for high-quality customer service. Analytics fill in the gaps of performance monitoring and give auto lenders confidence in the decision-making process. Some examples of detailed data gathered include:

  • Call volumes
  • Average wait times
  • Call resolution times
  • And other key performance metrics

This data is regularly analyzed to assure staffing levels minimize wait times, identify potential bottlenecks that impede call resolution, and uncover additional performance data to enhance customer service.

Getting Started

defi SOLUTIONS’ understands the importance of call centers and customer service and has over 30 years of experience providing lenders with call center outsourcing. Our representatives have the skill and expertise to ensure your customers always have a prompt response and positive interaction when they reach out. If you’re struggling to provide these services in-house and are ready to enjoy these advantages of outsourcing call center operations, contact our team today.

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