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auto lending digital

Automation has already made significant strides in the auto lending industry. But, lenders with outdated, stagnant loan origination systems are being left behind by the recent advancements of today’s lease and loan tech. Top auto lenders need stable, flexible, loan origination automation technology to help them manage their businesses more efficiently and improve their bottom line. 

How Modern Loan Origination Automation Technology Works

The modern automated loan processing system has several advantages over a legacy system. Thanks to mobility and the cloud, new-age loan origination systems (LOS) are quickly implemented, configurable, and provide a superior customer experience. Not to mention, these pre-integrated systems have a lower total cost of ownership and accelerate all stages of the loan cycle.

Improving Your Bottom Line With the Latest Automation Tech

The latest loan origination automation tech brings a new level of efficiency to the lending process. Lenders assessing loan origination software should take advantage of these technologies to improve their bottom line and remain competitive in this fast-paced industry. 

Cloud Technology Offers the Latest in Functionality

When cloud technology was first implemented, it reduced the expenses of equipment and space. But the benefits of keeping your cloud tech up-to-date goes well beyond onsight infrastructure, including delivering consistent improvements to lending functionality. 

The capabilities and benefits for lenders who continually adopt the latest cloud-based loan origination technology are:

  • Rapid Market Entry: In comparison to legacy systems, deployment of a web-based LOS solution is considerably faster. Without the need to purchase and deploy hardware, implementation can take just a few days rather than months.
  • Mobility: With a cloud-based user interface, borrowers can apply for loans from anywhere, and lenders can monitor the loan origination process virtually.
  • Easy Integrations: Cloud integration gives you faster application processing with instant access to data sources for identity, income, credit, and employment verification. 
  • Designed for Growth: As your lending business expands, cloud-based LOS systems are designed to scale to meet your loan origination needs easily.
  • Regular Software Updates: With the cloud, your software can quickly and regularly be updated, keeping your system safe with the latest security and allowing lenders to always have the advantage of bug fixes and functional improvements.

Cloud technology gives lenders the latest innovations in LOS functionality and a lower total cost of ownership than legacy software. They are quick to implement, and the regular software updates keep your loan processing system compliant, faster, and more efficient.

Faster, More Accurate Loan Decisions

Auto lenders can receive hundreds to tens of thousands of applications in a week. And, only a portion of the applicants will actually fit into their business process strategy. With this high volume and low possibility ratio, lenders need the best loan origination automation technology to quickly identify applications that meet their unique lending criteria.  

New advancements in loan origination automation tech give auto lenders the competitive advantage of faster, more accurate loan decisions. Modern LOS systems are becoming more efficient at enabling lenders to quickly and consistently determine which applications to fund.

Leading-edge loan processing tech streamlines loan decisions and allows lenders to:

  • Auto-decision applications more precisely. 
  • Process applications more quickly and accurately. 
  • Automatically reject applications that don’t meet the lenders’ specific criteria.
  • Audit the current rules in effect and reduce arbitrary decisions that characterize certain loan types.
  • Focus efforts on applications that will improve the auto lenders’ bottom line.

With modern LOS systems, automated decision rules can be developed by any business user, even individuals with little to no programming expertise. They are easy to create, easy to use, and scalable.

Analytics to Optimize Your Lending Process 

With the most up-to-date LOS systems, lenders’ can take advantage of getting a more precise analysis of their business process. The rise in automation has given lenders a vast amount of data, and today’s LOS systems provide analytic tools designed to help lenders improve their processes. 

Analytics help to uncover your weak spots so that you can focus your efforts on improving them, making your business more efficient and profitable. Analytical results also show you where you are already performing well. In a competitive lending market, it is essential to keep improving and streamlining your processes.

Getting Started

defi SOLUTIONS provides leading-edge flexible, stable, and completely configurable loan origination automation technology. Contact our experts online, or schedule a demo to see how we’ve incorporated the latest data integration, decisioning rules, and analytics technologies into our LOS to help you reduce risk and positively impact your bottom line.

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