SEPTEMBER 18-20, 2018


defi SUMMIT 2018 Welcome

What sessions and topics were featured during defi SUMMIT 2018? Watch “Welcome to defi SUMMIT 2018” and find out for yourself.

10 Recent Features & Enhancements

Here’s a recap of 10 new defi LOS features and integrations you’ll want to take a look at.

3 Coolest Features

Ed and Natalie present the coolest enhancements made in 2018 to defi LOS: Outbound Data Source, Document Image, and User Interface.

Submitting Enhancement Requests

Kevin, Theo, and the “defi GUY” demonstrate how to submit a feature enhancement request … the defi way.

Need for Speed 2: Buzz the Tower

Rob Dufalo, CINO and Strategy Leader, provides a recap of the previous year’s plan, and looks forward to the year ahead.

Hit a Home Run

Scrum Master Michelle Hall shares how defi develops and tests features and how you might resolve issues more quickly with minimal redo.

New Age of Auto Finance

Kartheek Veeravalli leads a discussion (with live polling) about emerging products and the future of auto finance.


Why crowdfund? Find out from defi clients who have benefited from coming together to help launch more defi features.

What’s Next

defi CEO Stephanie Alsbrooks, COO Lana Johnson, and CPO Kartheek Veeravall, discuss what happened at defi SOLUTIONS in 2018 and what more is to come.

Guest Speaker Vernon Wells

Former baseball All-Star Vernon Wells compares the defi FREEDOM Playbook to Major League Baseball.

defi DIRECT Applications

defi DIRECT offers features like brand and form customization, self-hosting, and an intuitive user experience for both you and your applicant.

Integration Builder

Ed Kisinger reviews the collection of Inbound and Outbound capabilities in defi LOS that are configurable by the client.

Auto Structure in Action

Systematically restructure deals that fall outside of your credit policies with Auto Structuring.

defi GUYS Burgers and Fries

Learn how Amazon Web Services (AWS) is setting a scalable, secure foundation for today and the future of defi products.

Auto Loan Portfolio Buying

See for yourself how defi EXCHANGE helps you determine which loans in an auto loan portfolio meet your criteria.

Help Us Help You

Leveraging the defi COMMUNITY and our resources to get questions answered, problems solved, and help as quickly as possible!

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