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What keeps you awake at nightRecently I was asked the question what keeps me awake at night. And as a mother and successful business woman you could probably imagine that there’s a lot. It’s not an easy question to answer but it struck a chord with me when I heard it and I began making a list and even googling things that kept other CEOs up at night for inspiration. Although this information was helpful it wasn’t entirely relevant to me and my life.

In an article I recently posted on LinkedIn about this very topic I’ve laid out things that are most likely to keep me up like ideas and my children and then took a look at other things, more relevant to me and my business like, how to build a great staff, finances, and ensuring a positive experience for all defi customers.

I encourage you to check out the full list here, on LinkedIn, and be sure to let me know what things are keeping you at night as well!

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