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image_3.jpgby Kartheek Veeravalli


A number of blog posts cite a quote purportedly made by Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, during a press conference announcing the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft. Elop reportedly said this: “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.” Whether or not the statement was made, Nokia had lost ground after being successful in the mobile space for a long time because it did not keep up with its customers’ demands and its competitors. Competition is a normal, healthy, necessary catalyst for successful business, but why can’t competition and community go hand in hand. What if there is a world where competitors can learn from each other, share technology, be successful, and grow as a community?

Check out my recent post on LinkedIn about the importance of community and cooperation in a healthy competitive business environment and how defi SOLUTIONS is harnessing the power of community to create a strategic advantage in its delivery of products that support the growing business needs of lenders.

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defi SOLUTIONS provides configurable loan origination systems, loan management and servicing, analytics and reporting, and a wide range of technology-enabled BPO services. If you’re struggling with the limitations of your current lending technology solutions, take the first step in realizing the benefits of modern technology. Contact our team today or register for a demo.

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