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Team Spirit Conquers at Fit Challenge

The defi team made a strong showing at the Dallas 2016 Fit Company Challenge. Wearing “defi and CONQUER” t-shirts, the team ran circles around the notion of “It’s not whether you win or lose.” defi SOLUTIONS attracts some pretty competitive tech experts who are drawn to the world of software innovation and who enjoy pulling together for some team building and a great workout.

So how’d we do at this year’s Challenge? defi more than doubled the number of fitness participants and teams from last year. Fit Company Challenge Director Brian Kelly said he and his team remembered defi and were happy that we came back. “I remember one participant in particular who crawled to last year’s finish line, but finished strong this year with a smile on her face!” he said. “defi not only brought loads of team spirit to the day, but also was the epitome of the type of team we hope to participate. You embody what it means to be a team.”

Teamwork for defi SOLUTIONS isn’t only about this one day of showing up. It’s about showing up every day ready to win. It’s about leading when it’s your turn to lead and following when it’s not; recognizing that success sometimes comes in fits and starts, restarts and stumbles; valuing team work and supporting team members and the company, and always finding a way for our clients to win.

So how DID we do? Fourth overall out of 13 companies with about 50 teams. Does it matter? Absolutely! We killed it. Because for defi SOLUTIONS it DOES matter whether we win or lose, almost as much as who we play the game with. Click here to see the defi team in action!

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