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Helping Lenders Understand Technology TermsThere was such a great response to the first “Dear Stephie” article in Non Prime Times, our CEO turned technology advice columnist is back with more answers to the burning questions that leave you scratching your head. This time around she breaks down the process for hiring the right developer and has some fun explaining buzzwords like bitcoin and microtize.

Here’s just a little of what Dear Stephie has to say!

Dear Stephie,

We’re hiring developers, and man it feels like they’re expensive…why didn’t I become a developer?

Dear #IWannaBeADev,

“I understand the desire to be a developer. To wear Star Wars shirts and flip-flops all day, while staring at a screen with thousands of lines of code, who wouldn’t want that glory?”

Finding the right developers for your organization can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. If you can’t code yourself, you have to trust the developer is writing “good” code that will work…

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Dear Stephie,

I heard the buzzwords of 2016 are microservices and blockchain. What the what?!

Dear Buzz Off,

So it’s not curing cancer or saving endangered animals, but technology people need their fun too, and what’s more fun than coming up with the newest thing for people to stand around, look smart and pretend to understand? That’s fun stuff. I imagine every February, a group of technologists dressed in suits (they’ve graduated from Star Wars shirts to only Star Wars underwear thus looking mature to the outside eye) pick words out of a hat, place them together, and create the next “thing” from it.”

Microservices. This one is fairly obvious to understand at a high level. Small services…

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