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Success 2.jpgIs your company customer centric, innovation centric, product centric?  Or a balanced combination of all? According to defi Chief Product Officer Kartheek Veeravalli, immaterial of industry or product these three concentrations are what make a company and its product successful.

First, says Kartheek, is the ability to understand the needs of your customers (being customer centric). It’s crucial for  a company to create a culture of open communication, where the company’s team communicates regularly with customers and values their feedback.

The innovation that makes your product superior to your competitors (being innovation centric) is second. This is something most companies do naturally in the early stages of development, but tend to lose as they grow and veer more toward stability and scalability.

And third is product vision (being product centric). There may be tons of features you want to build into your product. But first you must set out to understand what the industry wants in order to prioritize these features.

Finding a balance between the these three is a challenge, but well worth the effort to create a great product that will keep clients coming back for more.

Read Kartheek’s complete LinkedIn article here.

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