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defi EXCHANGE for bulk loan sales. The next big deal in auto finance

This year started off with a bang when we officially introduced defi ANALYTICS and defi SERVICING. Although they are hard acts to follow, we think defi EXCHANGE, our auto loan portfolio marketplace, is equally, if not even more, exciting.

We understand how much time and hassle it takes to submit a loan portfolio to potential buyers – valuable time you could be spending growing your business. That’s why defi SOLUTIONS brings you defi EXCHANGE, a secure online marketplace that simplifies the selling and buying of auto loan portfolios and also integrates with the defi LOS to bring you automated evaluation and decisioning capabilities.

defi SOLUTIONS bought, the first-ever marketplace to let sellers of auto loan portfolios access multiple buyers at one time and manage the buying and selling process all in one place. We’ve also welcomed founder and creator Randy Spradlin to the defi team.

defi EXCHANGE lets you submit a portfolio to multiple buyers at the same time, and receive and manage offers in the same place. Before defi EXCHANGE, sellers could wait three to five days to receive offers on their portfolios and buyers would spend hours collecting data, copying and pasting, looking up book values, running alternative data reports, and reviewing pricing on each portfolio they receive. But no more!

  • No more copy and paste, incomplete or inaccurate data, or manual review of portfolios to filter out those that don’t meet certain requirements.
  • No more manually accessing credit bureaus, vehicle valuation services, alternative data, servicing systems, reporting systems, rules based pricing and loan selection.

Getting Started

defi SOLUTIONS provides configurable loan origination systems, loan management and servicing, analytics and reporting, and a wide range of technology-enabled BPO services. If you’re struggling with the limitations of your current lending technology solutions, take the first step in realizing the benefits of modern technology. Contact our team today or register for a demo.

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