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Tune Up Add Hours to Your Work Day

We recently provided a defi Tune-Up for a long-time lender and managed to save them hours in their work day. What’s a defi Tune-Up? It’s one of the many services we provide our clients to make sure they’re getting the most mileage out of the defi SOLUTIONS loan origination software.

You see, not only is the defi LOS flexible and configurable, it’s feature rich, with new features and integrations added virtually every week. Even if a client was optimized and in prime shape a month ago, there might be even more efficient ways of doing things today. So, we recommend our clients “Tune-Up” every so often, to work with us to learn about the things they’re not familiar with and possibly improve operational efficiencies and underwriting performance.

For this lender, the first feature we suggested they start using was Auto Declines, to let the LOS decline applications based on established business policies. For example: an applicant is below age 18 or has a FICO score below 475. In your business, these are automatic “no deals.” You set the rules and the defi loan origination system will decline each application that fails to meet basic requirements, giving you back time to work on other applications that might result in new business.

The next thing we noticed on this Tune-Up was that the lender was still going directly to LexisNexis, The Work Number, and Experian Auto Check sites. (A natural habit born from years of manual processes.) We were happy to show them they could use our integration with those partners to make the call and run a funding rule to ensure that all was as it should be. And we showed them how to send missing stipulations to RouteOne and Dealertrack with the click of a button.

This lender was manually creating funding delay notices to send to the dealers. We showed them how to save loads of time by using the fillable PDF feature in the defi system that maps the fields for the user.

What else did we show them they could do?

  • Set up internal notifications mapped with deal information to print and save with the deal, instead of their users having to copy every page from defi and packaging them in order to save.
  • Use the verification page to its full potential so that they don’t have to use a paper checklist.
  • Use the auto dealer note template feature so users no longer have to manually type in standard dealer approval notes.

The best part of a defi Tune-Up is that we aren’t up selling additional features – they’re in the LOS already!

A Tune-Up simply teaches lenders how to drive their LOS to peak performance.

Talk to Dawn Hayes and find out today how your business can benefit from a defi Tune-Up.

Check out the latest list of integration partners on the defi SOLUTIONS loan origination system today!

Getting Started

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