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Job Swap Crafts an Improved defi EXPERIENCE

According to the Harvard Business Review, companies are the clear winners when their team members “job craft” and “play to their strengths, motives, and passions” by redesigning their work tasks, the people with whom they work, and their mindset about their jobs. This is exactly what happened when two of our directors, Natalie Pedigo and Amanda Hein, recently swapped roles and improved the defi EXPERIENCE for clients as well as the lending technology and financial services industry.

Amanda, once the leader of the client-facing team of product managers and analysts, has stepped behind the scenes to work with business and development teams and help guide enhancements and features through the development process. And Natalie, now front and center, is empowering the team that advocates for defi clients and walks them through implementation and beyond.

The two lending technology veterans possess extensive knowledge of the lending industry and of the defi loan origination system — the business needs and the nuts and bolts of scorecards, formulas, auto structuring — and now have an even greater opportunity to contribute not only to the defi EXPERIENCE of clients, but also to the lending industry as a whole.

Here are their thoughts on the swap:

Natalie has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, including auto, mortgage, and personal lending.

After being behind-the-scenes at defi for over three years now, I’m excited to be working directly with our lenders and hearing their feedback on the services and features my former team implemented.

I’m also looking forward to getting up to speed on the varied business models of our banks, credit unions, personal and auto lenders and seeing how my perspective on the ins and outs of product development will add value to my new team and to the way we serve our clients.


Amanda has over 17 years’ experience in automotive finance, servicing, originations, funding, and analytics.

I am thrilled at the opportunity to gain a better understanding of everything that goes into making client requests a reality. It’s not every day that a company has two individuals with the blend of background and skillsets that make swapping not only a realistic proposal, but also one that has so much positive potential for the teams and clients involved. Instead of filling Natalie’s shoes, my goal is to bring my own shoes in the hope that our different “shoe styles” will benefit the company overall. I hope that my deep understanding of our lenders’ wants and expectations will benefit the way we develop new features.

To find out more about defi culture and the way a winning team operates, check out the defi FREEDOM PLAYBOOK.

Getting Started

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