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3 Coolest Features of the defi LOS with defive boyz

by Theo Vaughn, product manager and defive Boyz band member

Editor’s note: The “defive Boyz,” comprised of Ed Kisinger, VP of product management, as well as defi IT guru Sam Blount and product managers Kevin Perkins, Theo Vaughn, and Christian Wilcoxson, was one of the great acts that debuted at this year’s defi FEST 2017. The following is a recap of the band’s experience as told by Vaughn.

After hours of rehearsal, minutes of press, and seconds to put together our first hit (the by now infamous “We’re Not Done Yet”), we were all set for our first performance. And we were ready to face our adoring fans while spreading the word about the cool things coming to the defi loan origination system, and we wanted the message to be memorable.

Our theme song hit the airwaves throughout the LOS presentation that included information about our Updated User Interface and these fantastic features: Page FormulasAudit Configuration, and En-Sync.

Here’s a quick explanation:

  • The Updated UI provides the functionality to get information where you want it and when you want it, without navigation. App counts on your queues and tool tip comments when hovering are handy to use. As are fast information transfers that don’t require going into the app page.
  • Page Formulas let things get real. You can see your data change in real time in multiple fields based on information changed in another field, without pressing save.
  • Audit Configuration makes handwritten change logs obsolete. Field, data, and system information WITH dependencies after changes helps you know what changes were made and when.
  • En-Sync left us reviving fainting fans. Seamless data transfers between QA and Production environments! At the push of a couple buttons. Pushing and pulling data between your environments. With dependencies to make your systems synchronized for testing.

As happens with other trendsetting superstar bands, the defive boyz briefly fractured. First, when defi Product Manager Christian Wilcoxson stepped away to give a stunning solo performance on Auto Structuring, where fans saw first-hand how to auto structure and auto decision more deals.

Then, when Kevin Perkins’ duet with Dawn Hayes had the crowd tuning in about Tune-Up. Kevin and Dawn discussed the fantastic defi service that helps clients get their systems purring at peak capacity.

If you missed the shows, or saw them and can’t wait to watch the reruns, click the link below. Then, plan to attend defi FEST 2018 when the defive boyz plan to reunite. Why? Because like the great SaaS family of services we rep, the boyz continue to evolve and grow with client needs and expectations and “We’re Not Done Yet”!

Watch the LOS Session Videos from defi FEST 2017 here!

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