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Non-Prime Times Survey about auto industry future

by Stephanie Alsbrooks

When you purchased your first cell phone, did you imagine simply texting YES to pay your bills? Or when online bill payments first began, that you would pay them without even logging into a website?

In the latest issue of Non-Prime Times, defi CEO and Chief Soothsayer Stephanie Alsbrooks muses about these topics from the past and more, and wants your opinions on the future.

Read her article. And then take the survey

Weigh in on topics like how many cars will be self-driving in the year 2030 and what percentage of Americans will lease or purchase vehicles at that point in time.

Change is happening all around us, and it’s only a matter of time before it finds the auto industry. It’s easy to feel powerless against the tide of ever-changing technology, but now’s the time to get out your hoverboard. If we watch and work together, we can ride the airwaves of progress toward a better future.

Give us your prediction of what 2030 will look like for the auto industry.

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