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Technology 20 years ago versus today defi SOLUTIONS

CEO and Founder Stephanie Alsbrooks has often imagined what it would be like to have started defi SOLUTIONS 20 years ago, with the technology available then.

With summer nearing an end and fall just around the corner, she and some of defi’s team members took a nostalgic walk down memory lane, comparing “then and now” processes and technologies.

Here’s some of the leaps and bounds they noted that have been made in that time.

  1. From Post-its and Sharpies to collaborative Smartboards. No longer do we rely on pen and paper in a business meeting, or even assume that meetings will take place face-to-face. Virtual meeting technology allows us to digitize, record, and store meetings and the notes that go along with them. Kristin Herring
  2. Dialup modems to streaming fast instant connections. Can you, too, hear the screech of a dialup tone when just reading this sentence? Lightning-fast internet speeds for computers and phones have made working remotely just as easy as being in the office. Randy Spradlin and Stephanie
  3. Physical to virtual servers. Companies used to store their information on their own costly physical servers. Now, cloud services allow companies to access the storage they need without the hassle of managing it. Daniel Reznicek
  4. Floppy disks and magnetic tape to the cloud. Storing or moving data to another computer once required disc or tapes that, depending on the amount of data, took hours to off-load. Enormous amounts of storage are available on tiny thumb drives today, and virtual storage allows us to access data from anywhere with just a click. Keven Sticher
  5. Checking out code to distributed source repositories. Developers working together on software code used to have to check it in and out from a central server. Today, software changes from multiple users are easily tracked. Chris Bayles
  6. From installs to web-based software. Remember when software came on floppy disks and had to be installed individually on each computer? Now software (like the defi SaaS) is available from any web browser, no installation required. Mike Ripplinger

To read Stephanie’s and the team’s full thoughts on these great technology changes, read the full article in the latest issue of the Non-Prime Times.

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