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defi SOLUTIONS platform of servicesYou may have noticed we’ve been expanding the defi SOLUTIONS Loan Originations Systems platform! From our humble beginnings of one (pretty awesome) LOS software, we now have an entire suite of services for lenders.

What’s all this about? We were hoping you’d ask.

defi SOLUTIONS started with the simple goal of creating a configurable system to help auto lenders track the loan process. What we quickly found was the need for a whole suite of integrated products to help lenders streamline every area of their business. While our clients loved the defi LOS, they were still using other less configurable, sometimes clunky and outdated software for other aspects of the loan process. Seeing the success of our product, we thought, let’s create even more solutions for lenders to use! So we did.

Here’s the current list of our solutions we offer to lenders. And more are on the way!

defi LOS, our original software.

defi DIGITAL lets dealers scan and send loan packages to lenders, saving time and money on overnight shipping.

defi ANALYTICS provides configurable reports, lost sales analysis, and other actionable insight from information provided by our partner network.

defi SERVICING, a core loan management and servicing system built on lenders’ needs, not our assumptions.

All of the defi services are just as scalable and configurable as our original LOS. No upgrades or waiting on vendors to re-configure the platform as your needs change – all the power is in your hands! And with the same user friendliness across platform, you’ll cut down on training time across departments.

Are you ready to streamline another area of your lending business? There’s a defi for that. Talk to us today to take a step toward a simpler future!

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