Insights into Modern Lending


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Whenever I fix something at home, I gather everything I’ll need to make it happen: tools, supplies, instructions—the lot. Sometimes I even finish without extra trips to the garage or ...
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vehicle remarketing services
Let’s begin with this top-of-mind, worrisome auto finance industry trend: After years of growth, auto sales are declining. It’s a tough market out there. Sales have been declining since 2017, ...
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alternative data credit
Technology: Does it help or hinder society? From a personal perspective, there’s nothing to debate. Daily, we enjoy the benefits of increasingly innovative tech. The ever-decreasing cost of machine learning ...
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Auto loan application approved with a dollar and coins laying over it.
Since the first decade of the 21st century, lenders have increasingly adopted mobile and web technologies to make life easier for their customers. These pioneering technologies now allow customers to ...
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community bank lending workflow
Unprecedented technological advances in the last decade have sparked great efficiencies in the auto industry. Design, prototyping, and manufacturing techniques, as well as innovations like voice recognition, GPS, adaptive cruise ...
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auto loan servicing
In recent years, the US has experienced a growing economy, low interest rates, and a downward unemployment trend. Auto lending, on the other hand, has surprised many by marching in ...
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