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SPECIAL OFFER: Payix will waive all set up fees for new clients in attendance of defi SUMMIT 2019 through the remainder of 2019.

Making payments online is commonplace nowadays. And before long, making payments using only your smartphone will be the norm as well.

It’s already the norm for the majority of low-income and sub-prime consumers. Their smartphone is their only way of connecting to the internet, not to mention their family, friends, workplace, and everything else in their lives.

That’s why, for auto lenders, a mobile-based collections solution is more important than ever.

With Payix, you get mobile-based collections tools that have only been available to captives and major financial institutions until now.

Payix’s state-of-the-art, white-label products include an engaging and affordable mobile collections app, an online borrower web portal, a text-pay solution, and an IVR.

All are designed to complement your existing collections resources and can be seamlessly and quickly integrated with your loan management system.

The result is lenders are able to maximize loan servicing capabilities and collect more from borrowers by making it easier for them to pay.


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