Rob Dufalo

CINO and Strategy Leader

The word engineer is synonymous with designer, inventor, creator, and even mastermind. You could argue that Robert is all of the above – and then some. When he’s not filing patents for inventions he had a hand in creating (see here and here) or busy designing new opportunities for defi clients to grow their business, Robert can be found flexing the right side of his brain as well as his left. He’s a published sci-fi novelist for young adults. He studied fine art at the Art Institute of Seattle. He’s also a model photographer, an experienced rally racer, and builder of performance cars. In addition to all of that, Robert plays basketball, football, and soccer. It seems the only thing he hasn’t done is invent more time in the day. Considering everything he finds time to do, maybe he has.

Read our news about Rob here and here.


  • 15+ years’ experience creating new software and technology
  • Has successfully managed multiple V1 products to release and designed and implemented DevOps strategies and automation frameworks
  • Holds two patents for work created at Microsoft
  • Noted speaker and knowledge expert in location and sensors development


(Based on Gallup’s online assessment StrengthFinders)

  • Ideation
  • Restorative
  • Learner
  • Context
  • Input
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