Stephanie Alsbrooks Hanson

Founder and CEO

Stephanie is an unabashed geek, who lives, breathes and even dreams technology solutions. After working with auto lenders much of her career and experiencing first hand the technology challenges they face, she founded defi SOLUTIONS. She knew there had to be a better choice between inflexible, out-of-the-box loan origination systems (LOS) and expensive, time-intensive custom solutions. So she gathered a world-class team to create an LOS never before seen in the industry. The defi SOLUTIONS family of lending software services now includes defi LOS,  defi SERVICING, defi ANALYTICS, and defi DIRECT.  Each offers full configurability, fast implementation, and the latest technology – all at an affordable price. You can see this game-changer in action by scheduling a demo with Stephanie herself. If you’re not fluent in geek, don’t worry. She also speaks lender like a pro.


(Based on Gallup’s online assessment StrengthsFinders)

  • Communication
  • Achiever
  • Arranger
  • Responsibility
  • Command
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