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In a recent interview with defi partner Zest AI, Charles Sutherland, defi chief strategy officer, explains how technology trends are impacting defi and its clients.

Charles says  the company is “building an ecosystem that makes the lending experience better for everyone” and, to that end, one of the company’s biggest investment has been around robotic process automation (RPA) across the lending and leasing lifecycle. In one example alone, using process automation, defi shrank the time it takes to process bills between lessors and lessees from three and a half days to within an hour.

defi’s strategy, according to Charles, is informed by trends such as: 1) the migration of lending software applications to the cloud, and 2) decentralization of lending services. This decentralization, he says, has turned lending on its head and led to more experimentation, microservices models, and a broader ecosystem of components tied together with application programming interfaces.

The integration of Zest AI machine learning and defi SOLUTIONS is an example of what that ecosystem can provide.

“No one party on the tech side can do that alone,” Charles said of originations systems powered by insights. “You have to have an ecosystem of partners that can do the kinds of mashups of data and process capability like we’re doing with Zest AI, to realize benefits for clients.”

For more about the integration of defi SOLUTIONS and Zest AI, watch the “Unlocking the Power of Machine Learning” webinar.

To read more about “what’s not going to change” and Charles’ vision of 2020 for the connected car, drivers’ demand for digital services and products, and the lending industry, read the complete interview.


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