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How do you find the right mix of time and effort between pondering the completely unpredictable and planning or modelling the partially predictable?

According to Charles Sutherland, defi chief strategy officer, it can be a bit of a crapshoot.

“Despite all the strategy sessions we run with clients and our many other conversations with industry participants via quarterly business reviews, it’s impossible to know with any certainty what our businesses will face before year’s end.”

(Case in point: these last four months of 2020.)

Find out more about his approach (informed by game theory and Taleb’s “The Black Swan”) and consideration of market perspectives and other requirements for good planning while planning for the future of defi. Because “good planning is all about finding that perfect driving line on the track and letting inertia pull you into the corner while harnessing that inertia with your own investment and acceleration to hit the corner where we want and launch forward into the future.”

Read Outliers and Auto Finance: Pondering and Modelling the Unpredictable by Charles Sutherland, now available in Non-Prime Times.

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