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loan software for lenders

The Top Loan Software for Lenders

Your current lending software hasn’t been updated in years. With a heightened level of competition in today’s market, you realize that without the latest lending software capabilities you’re at a disadvantage.

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loan origination workflow

The Loan Origination Workflow Checklist

In a highly competitive auto lending market, lenders have to focus on process efficiency to stay profitable. If you’re using legacy lending software, you’re at a disadvantage.

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auto loan origination

The Best Auto Loan Origination Software

How do you select the best auto loan origination software (LOS)? The best auto LOS systems do more than help you hit your current business goals.

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fintech auto lending

Fintech: Auto Loan Software’s Place in the Industry

Fintech is getting an increasing amount of attention in recent months from media, financial institutions, and analysts. A sample:

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Acing Regulatory Compliance with Automated Loan Decisioning

Lending regulations are a permanent part of the industry. Their numbers grow, and existing ones evolve. It’s the result of contentious interaction among consumer activists, industry lobbyists, and politicians.

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How To Select the Best Loan Origination Software

Your legacy loan origination software is aging. Maybe you can’t even remember when it was first installed. Costs, functionality, company growth, demands of regulatory compliance, and an increasingly competitive market; any one of these is reason enough to consider new software. You and every one of your employees know it’s time to make the move to a modern loan origination system. There’s nothing to be gained by delay.

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The Best Loan Origination Systems:
Comparison Criteria for 2018-2019

How old is your current loan origination system (LOS)? If you can’t remember, you’ll be glad you’re reading this. If you haven’t evaluated loan origination systems in more than five years, you’ll find there’ve been significant advances in technology. These advances virtually guarantee improved loan origination efficiency, lower processing costs, and help comply with changing regulations.

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The 2018 Banking News Impacting the Lending Industry Through 2019

We’ve reviewed recent publications such as the Deloitte 2018 Banking Industry Outlook, American Banker – Top Bank Tech Trends for 2018, and ABA – Fintech – Promoting Responsible Innovation, and focused on the banking news that matters most to financiers and lenders.

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