Taking client feedback to a new level.

The defi BIDDING portal gives users of the defi SOLUTIONS family of loan origination services the freedom to define the future by voting on and crowd-funding system enhancements. This BIDDING portal is an industry first. The defi BIDDING portal is accessed through the defi COMMUNITY portal.

Once logged into the COMMUNITY portal, users can vote “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on enhancements other lenders submit or share an enhancement of their own. Users can also bid on enhancements and join with other lenders who want the same enhancement and help fund development.

The activity on the BIDDING portal is reviewed by the defi product team to determine which enhancements are to go into production and when.

The more lenders who vote and bid, the better defi SOLUTIONS services will be for all involved parties!

For more information about the defi COMMUNITY, please contact your product manager.

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