Inbound and Outbound Contact Support with defi CONTACT & SERVICING

White-Labeled Customer Service

Your brand reputation hinges on the experience your customers have with your business whether they reach out to you regarding a problem they have or you call them as a part of your cross-sales, collections, or retention efforts. Every touchpoint your customer has with your bank or credit union has the potential to have a big impact on your brand, so it’s important to get it right the first time.

To ensure that your customers view your brand positively, no matter what situations arise, defi SOLUTIONS’ representatives are trained on a proprietary communication model called defi Customer Connection. This model provides a framework for communicating with customers that involves building a personalized connection with them, all while delivering meaningful, results-driven messaging or crafting an effective resolution to the issues that they’re experiencing. defi’s dedicated contact support managers work closely with their teams to ensure that every customer is satisfied and the relationship with your clients represents your company’s brand identity and values consistently.

As a white-labeled extension of your workforce, you can realize a call center cost reduction without sacrificing quality customer service. Superior customer service starts with superior talent. Sourcing such talent in-house means being constantly engaged in the hiring and training process, taking up countless hours you could be spending growing your business.


defi CONTACT & SERVICING gives you an experienced, full-service contact and servicing center that covers all of your needs:

Customer Care

Sales and Lead Generation

Collections and back-office processing

Help desk support (level 1)

Data analytics and performance reporting

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