Lease Maturity Management


Simplify lease maturity management with defi MANAGED SERVICING

defi MANAGED SERVICING Lease Maturity Management makes the end-of-auto-lease process easier on your customers and your team. Easier processes equals greater satisfaction, so that the next time your customers opt for a short- or long-term lease, it’s with you.

defi MANAGED SERVICING (auto loan and lease servicing outsourcing) will let you set the pace for the transition. We can handle your complete off-lease vehicle volume for single-lease, end-of-term processes or offer a more comprehensive solution that meets your unique needs.


Take the guesswork out of transitioning your vehicle lessees with:

  • Experienced leasing professionals
  • Proven retention strategies
  • Streamlined processing
  • Improve compliance with a focused over-term campaign
  • Automated solutions to reduce costs


  • Delight your borrowers with a smoother transition experience
  • Improve borrower retention
  • Reduce costs
  • Be able to focus on your growing business
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