Make Lease Maturity Management Easy

Transitions don’t have to be hard. Make Lease Maturity Management easy on your auto customers with defi SOLUTIONS so that the next time your customers opt for a short or long-term lease, it’s with you.

defi can handle the volume of all of your off-lease vehicles, taking the pressure off of your people and your processes. Transition easily to outsourcing single-lease, end-of-term processes, or comprehensive solutions at your own pace.


Take the guesswork out of transitioning your vehicle lessees with:

  • Experienced leasing professionals
  • Proven retention strategies
  • Streamlined processing
  • Improve compliance with a focused over-term campaign
  • Automated solutions to reduce costs

With defi Lease Maturity Management, you’ll:

  • Delight your borrowers with a smoother transition experience
  • Improve borrower retention
  • Reduce costs
  • Be able to focus on your growing business
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