defi SOLUTIONS Partner Equifax

In the constantly shifting automotive market, really knowing your customers has never been more important for lenders who want to mitigate risk and grow a more profitable portfolio. That’s why they turn to Equifax.

The PowerView solution from Equifax gives lenders the power to separate loan risk at the credit policy margins. It provides an alternative risk score for credit-invisible consumers as well as an enhanced risk assessment for full file customers, enabling lenders to automate more decisions and improve operational efficiency.

Combined with Equifax credit data, lenders can get a complete 360-degree view of consumers. This insight allows lenders to make better-informed credit decisions that help to reduce their exposure to risk and drive profitability.

And with The Work Number from Equifax, lenders can get instant employment verification and better understand a consumer’s ability to pay which helps to decrease decisioning time that is so critical for dealers.


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