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Innovis is a national credit-reporting agency with highly responsive information solutions for every stage of the customer lifecycle. Through its creative application of data and advanced technologies, Innovis helps businesses streamline operations, enhance customer service, and grow.

At the heart of the Innovis product line is FailSafe, a multi-layer, multi-factor authentication tool. It can help you verify the right consumer is present in a transaction, whether by phone, website, mobile app, or IVR.

Eight of 10 national banks use Innovis to identify suspicious activity before it has a chance to harm customers or unsuspecting consumers. Repeat studies have shown transactions involving phone numbers or addresses that don’t match the Innovis file are four times more likely to result in fraud.

So what makes Innovis different? For starters, Innovis is continually developing their FailSafe fraud suite by listening to their customer’s challenges so they can stay ahead of fraud trends.


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