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Flexible, Scalable, Configurable, Stable, Compliant.

Manage Every Stage of Your Auto Loan and Lease Lifecycle.


At TransUnion, we see information not just for what it can do, but for what it can help people achieve. That’s why we’ve joined forces with defi SOLUTIONS to help businesses better understand their consumers, make more informed decisions and, ultimately, make trust possible.


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TransUnion Consumer Bureau Credit Report

TransUnion Consumer Credit Reporting offers core credit data leveraged to make decisions across multiple touchpoints on a consumer. The use of credit data can provide a broader, more in-depth view of consumers’ credit profiles to assist businesses and lenders market, underwrite, manage portfolios, or collect on debts.

Our database maintains approximately 500 million business and client credit histories worldwide, provided by more than 85,000 credit-granting institutions.

CreditVision® Trended Data

CreditVision® is a suite of solutions that enables more precise lending decisions based on the enhanced ability to identify specific credit trends. These data and analytics – including enriched credit reports, premium algorithms, trended risk scores, estimators and propensity scores – provide a view of consumer performance so decisions can be improved across the customer lifecycle.

With defi SOLUTIONS, CreditVision provides a broader and deeper view into a consumer’s credit profile by harnessing the power of trended credit. Unlike snapshots in-time found within traditional credit reports, trended data shows how people are using credit over time, helping to reveal trends and behaviors. Learn more about CreditVision trended data.

CreditVision® Link

CreditVision® Link is the first credit score in market to combine both trended credit data and alternative data sources, creating a more holistic picture of a consumer’s ability to manage financial commitments in order to determine risk levels with more precision. Learn about increasing approvals with trended and alternative credit data.

Using the combined data assets within CreditVision Link, lenders can now effectively score up to approximately 95% of the U.S. adult population.

Income & Employment Verification

Risk decisions often require verifying a consumer’s income and employment information to gain a better understanding of their financial context, in particular their willingness, ability, and capacity to pay. This process can be costly, inefficient and time-consuming for lenders, and is often high friction and inconvenient for the consumer.

TransUnion’s Income and Employment Verification is a real-time verification solution that enables lenders to verify a consumer’s income and employment data directly from payroll systems, delivered via the credit or model report1. This removes unnecessary overhead of separate integration efforts and related costs, and improves the consumer experience.

1The model report delivers income, employment, and indicative information in a clean, concise manner. This automated credit report returns only specified indicative information, special messages and a profile section.

TruValidate™ Identity Verification

As part of TransUnion’s Identity Proofing suite of solutions, TruValidate™ Identity Verification is designed to assist in verifying consumer identities throughout the customer lifecycle to support efforts to comply with Red Flags and KYC regulations, as well as for detecting today’s sophisticated fraud schemes.

This solution can be configured to support an organization’s specific verification and fraud strategies. The level of analyses and detailed reporting provided is designed to be configurable to meet the needs of different organizational sizes, industries, and customer focus. Learn more about TruValidate Identity Verification.

TruValidate™ Fraud Alerts

As part of TransUnion’s Identity Proofing suite of solutions, TruValidate™ Fraud Alerts leverages diverse and robust data to flag identity anomalies and delivers a risk score — helping you determine who to trust — as well as preemptive follow-up strategies for preventing future fraud.

Get real-time flags of high-risk, suspect data. Fraud Alerts identify and notify you on such attributes as related to SSN, address, telephone, consumer fraud, possible synthetic identity alerts and many other suspect elements. Learn more about TruValidate Fraud Alerts.

TruValidate™ Synthetic Fraud Model

As part of TransUnion’s Fraud Analytics suite of solutions, TruValidate™ Synthetic Fraud Model is a series of purpose-built models that analyze consumer behaviors, uncover data input anomalies and identify risk throughout critical points of the customer journey, enabling greater confidence.

The TruValidate Synthetic Fraud Model is available as an FCRA permissible purpose solution, GBLA solution, or both. Each arrives at a score in a different manner as they examine unique attributes. When combined, there is a small segment of unique fraud catch not identified by using either model alone. Learn more about TruValidate Synthetic Fraud Model.

TruValidate™ Early Payment Default

As part of TransUnion’s Fraud Analytics suite of solutions, TruValidate™ Early Payment Default is an FCRA model to help manage risk from originations through line sloping or adverse action.

Early Payment Default offers a precision approach to identifying segments of potential borrowers with indications of a likelihood to default (60+ days past due) within the first 5 months of account origination. It can be a great complement to existing fraud and risk solutions, or be used as a stand-alone model.

About TU

TransUnion is a global information and insights company that makes trust possible in the modern economy. We do this by providing an actionable picture of each person so they can be reliably represented in the marketplace. As a result, businesses and consumers can transact with confidence and achieve great things. We call this Information for Good®. Learn more about TransUnion.

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