Machine learning-based credit models can generate more profitable underwriting by drawing deeper insights from more data, especially unused data banks already have. Zest AI was one of the first companies to deploy machine learning models for lending, and we know it works.

Zest Automated Machine Learning (ZAML) is the world’s most proven solution for machine learning underwriting. Lenders using our ZAML software to predict creditworthiness have seen a 10% approval rate increase for credit card applications, a 15% increase for auto loans, and a 51% decrease in charge-offs for personal loans — without any increase in defaults.

ZAML helps lenders get powerful ML credit models into production swiftly and easily with full transparency. ZAML automates all the crucial risk management tasks so that lenders can focus on better serving customers. Zest pioneered AI in underwriting and today is one of the fastest-growing tech startups in the world.

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