Capitalize on the Complete Loan Lifecycle with defi LOAN & LEASE

You’ll never have to worry about how you’re going to service all of those loans and leases again with defi LOAN & LEASE from defi SOLUTIONS. From start to finish, our seasoned professionals and top-of-the-line solutions will take on your loan portfolio volume with ease, enabling your business to speed up its transaction processing and earn more revenue.


Optimize your servicing business with defi LOAN & LEASE

  • Welcome calls post-funding outreach campaigns
  • Customer care white-labeled inbound call handling and fulfillment
  • Return mail processing review, locate, and update account addresses
  • Collateral management title corrections, follow-ups and releases
  • Accounting, cash management back office payment/payoff processing, sales and property tax filing, tolls and violation processing
  • Default management collections, bankruptcy, repossession, recovery

With defi LOAN & LEASE, you’ll:

Delight borrowers with top-of-the-line service

Improve your borrower retention rate

Reduce servicing costs

Be able to grow your business without worry

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