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Congratulations Shaimaa Elk, SVP, CIO/CTO!

The Software Report has announced the inclusion of defi’s Shaimaa Elk in its 4th Annual Top 50 Women Leaders in SaaS of 2020.

Shaimaa is recognized alongside of other accomplished leaders from organizations that include defi partners Microsoft and LexisNexis Risk Solutions:  Edna Conway, Microsoft’s vice president of global security, risk and compliance, and Azure and Kimberly Sutherland, LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ vice president of fraud and identity market strategy;

According to TSR, this award recognizes women who have made “profound contributions in strategy, operations, marketing, human resources, business development” and who continue to “spur initiatives, mobilize funding, and leverage strategic partnerships….allowing their companies to thrive…They have served as advocates for women in tech and have stood out as role models, pushing for a bold new agenda.”

Shaimaa Elk possesses a unique combination of strengths: an eye for innovation, a rich and diverse technical background with focus on optimization, and a respect for the human on both sides of the technology.

Shaimaa believes that for the most part users don’t want to think about their technology. They want it to do the job they need it to do – with no interruption – to engage and on some level entertain them – and, in other words, to satisfy them. She says that when designing, developing and delivering products and services you must consider the people, work at the pace of the people, and, especially during a transition of systems, deal with sentiment they may have attached to features and functionality. The people behind the scenes and in front of the technology, she says, must be on board with you.

This past year, after the merger of defi SOLUTIONS and the former Sagent Auto, Shaimaa’s teams have merged HR systems, telephone systems, accounting systems, IT and development teams, technology architecture, and completed a move of all on-premise applications to the cloud – on time and on budget, an accomplishment Gartner indicates most fail to meet 80% of the time. In addition, her teams handled the implementation of four products in six months for a major captive auto lender and introduced a new strategic partnership with Microsoft.

Shaimaa has been integral in helping companies deliver on financial projections and believes the people are the biggest aspect of a company’s success. She is committed to her team, says it’s her job at times to “sit back, look up, and be present” – advice shared by a mentor – and be a good steward of the company and its team members and current and future customers, its people.

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