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We’ve recently seen increased interest from credit unions in vehicle auctions. For many credit unions, vehicle auctions detract from their core financial focus. The complex relationships between auction houses and transporters, along with volumes of off-lease vehicles and repossessions, are motivating credit unions to seek greater efficiencies. Many are carefully evaluating third-party remarketers to provide the service. 

Understandably, credit unions accustomed to managing all aspects of the auto lending lifecycle may be hesitant to delegate these responsibilities to a third-party remarketer. We address those concerns by providing answers to FAQs we’ve received regarding credit union vehicle auctions or vehicle disposition.

Q: What Range of Vehicle Auction Services Is Provided?

A competent third-party remarketer can provide full ranges of services that allow you to place your vehicle inventory in its hands, relieving you of the ongoing management, tracking, and accounting involved in the process. Services include:

  • Transportation providers to relocate vehicles to auction sites
  • Vehicle valuation and pricing that uses multiple industry standard data points to establish an estimated cash value on each vehicle
  • Inspection, reconditioning, dent repairs, and even key replacement services to present vehicles in their best condition and best prices
  • Representation at auctions to ensure competitive vehicle pricing
  • Digital sales channel to increase visibility with online presence
  • Monitoring vehicle progress through the remarketing process using accurate, up-to-date vehicle data, condition reports, and photos
  • Auditing and reporting of all fees, costs, and processing charges associated with the auction process

Credit unions can work with third-party remarketers to design the right combination of services that meet their unique vehicle auction remarketing needs.

Q: What Are The Advantages Of Third-Party Remarketing? 

When a credit union’s vehicle sales are managed by a third-party remarketer, credit unions can expect greater process efficiency and higher resale values. The systems, expertise, and economies of scale provided by the remarketer help credit unions: 

  • Reduce inventory by quickly transporting vehicles to auctions (typically with a 4-day transport turn time), thereby reducing vehicle storage costs.
  • Increase resale values as a result of services that recommend value-added repairs, propose ideal floor price, and obtain optimal lane positions for vehicles.
  • Obtain better rates on transportation services, sales fees, needed repairs, and other auction expenses.

Working with a third-party remarketer can relieve a credit union of all the daily administrative complexities that accompany vehicle auctions and disposal, efficiently reduce inventory—regardless of volumes—and result in lower overall costs for managing returns and repossessions.

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Q: Can I Monitor The Auction and Disposition Process?

Although the day-to-day administrative responsibilities of managing vehicle auctions and disposition are handled by a third-party remarketer, credit unions can remain closely involved in the process. Systems and services provided by the remarketer let credit unions keep close tabs on the entire process through:

  • Regular reporting that tracks every step of the process as a vehicle moves through the remarketing process
  • Automated monitoring of auction expenses that flags any items that fall outside of the program guidelines for further investigation and follow-up
  • Measurement criteria for auction sales performance and operational efficiency to ensure maximum resale value for returned vehicles

Working with a third-party remarketer, a credit union can remain involved in vehicle auctions and disposition without expending time and resources on activities that are not core to their charter.

Q: What Technologies Underly Vehicle Auction Services?

Key capabilities and advantages that a third-party remarketer can offer a credit union are supported by innovative technologies, streamlined processes, and a network of value-added services that span the country. These include:

  • Nationwide Title Network comprised of many state DMVs and title service companies for quick and cost-effective title delivery
  • Access to data from AuctionNet and several other pricing providers to determine optimum vehicle prices
  • Integration with AutoIMS for real-time updates on auction progress
  • Established key partnerships with online auction channels
  • Automated queues that provide continuous checks and balances for each step of the remarketing process
  • Formal evaluation system for vendor management, performance grading, and auction ratings

The breadth of capabilities and tight integration provide a level of services not available to most credit unions on their own.

Q: What Are The Next Steps Toward More Efficient Vehicle Auctions and Disposal? 

For a credit union, vehicle auction and disposition efficiency can be part of an evolving strategy. Moving to a third-party remarketer isn’t an all-or-nothing process. Experienced remarketers can work with you to develop a plan that addresses your unique needs, whether it’s a single aspect of the vehicle auction and disposition process or implementing a complete, end-to-end vehicle remarketing strategy.

A third-party remarketer can also provide guidance and administrative services to help continually improve the efficiency and resale values. Credit unions focusing their energies on market growth and operational efficiency will find that outsourcing vehicle remarketing responsibilities may be one of the most effective ways to achieve their goals.

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