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To get your loan origination software up and running quickly, defi SOLUTIONS has introduced a library of how-to videos. The videos are great to sharpen your skills. Work through the whole series or simply pick the videos that will benefit you most! defi clients can access these videos and other support resources through the defi COMMUNITY portal.

“Watching the training videos helped prepare me for the training and get an understanding of the configuration. I find myself referencing them even after the training and will probably watch several of them again for clarification,” Vicki Leitzel, Project Manager for Innovate Auto Finance.

Each video functions as a tutorial to answer frequently asked questions about defi LOS. From familiarizing first-time users with the essential features and functions of the program to helping auto lenders configure screens, add new data sources, and make other changes, these videos contribute to minimizing the learning curve that comes with adopting our loan origination system.

This bank of LOS how-to videos is great in that a user can access relevant tutorials and support resources any time users want to learn how to use a new feature. The videos exist on an entirely on-demand basis. You don’t have to schedule a training session, call support to troubleshoot your software, or figure out how to customize the program to your needs and uses.

The video library is particularly ideal for when you hire a new employee and need to teach them how to use the defi LOS. Instead of taking hours out of your busy day to walk that person through the software, you can direct them to the defi COMMUNITY portal to watch the videos and learn the basics of the program. Later, if they have any additional questions, you can ask a question in the defi COMMUNITY or open a ticket for the defi LOS support team to assist with further troubleshooting.

Each video in the new defi SOLUTIONS how-to library is created by our knowledgeable Product Owners. These individuals work with customers on a daily basis to implement the defi SOLUTIONS loan origination software, answer questions, and more.

You can access information about the defi COMMUNITY and how-to videos by clicking here. If you are having trouble finding or accessing the videos, click here for additional instructions.

Getting Started

defi SOLUTIONS offers solutions for a lender’s complete end-to-end, loan or lease lifecycle. Partnering with captives, banks, credit unions, and finance companies, defi’s market-leading solutions helps lenders exceed borrower expectations. From digital engagement through the complete lending process, defi sets new standards for flexibility, configurability, and scalability in originations and servicing (by your experts or ours). If you’re curious about the possibilities for your unique lending lifecycle, take the first step. Contact our team today or register for a demo.

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