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by Brandy Bissett

If the movie “Big” has taught us anything, it’s that growing overnight, especially when you’re not ready for it, can have unforeseen consequences. In the movie (spoiler alert), after wishing to be made “big,” a twelve-year-old named Josh Baskin is magically transformed into a grown man in his thirties. Played by the affable Tom Hank, Josh initially finds the change at first bewildering and then exciting, as he navigates New York and gains his dream job at FAO Swartz. It’s only later when the pressures of adulthood creep in that he longs for his old life.

In the same way, when your servicing operation grows overnight, you might, at first, find the change a little bewildering and a lot exciting. After all, more loans does mean more money. But, the reality of rapid growth is much more complicated, especially if you don’t have the skills, experience, and infrastructure in place. Your growing pains could be particularly painful.

By outsourcing your call center support to an experienced team with a service that scales, you can:

Avoid errors: Better understand the full extent of what you’re getting into.

Establish operational excellence: Smooth your transition with tried and proven processes.

Scale efficiently: Have the right number of internal and external staff (on hand and standing ready) with various levels of skills and the right enthusiasm (like Josh and his child-like passion for toy testing).

Choose the right partner. Find a true partner that understands your business and caters to your needs.

Instead of suffering like Josh and longing to return to the “good old days” when things were smaller and seemed safer, prepare to grow as quickly as you want, but prepare wisely, and before your portfolio is too big to handle.

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Getting Started

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